Farewell Letter

Dear friends and supporters of Chicago Q,

[I hope that your summer has been one of personal growth, as well as relaxation and recreation.]

I’m writing to share with you that I will be leaving the quartet and embarking on a journey of pursuing personal artistic endeavors. While I am excited to be setting out, at the same time, I am sad to depart.

Working with Q for these two years has been an unforgettable experience. From recording studios to classrooms to bars to concert halls, the quartet has created so many diverse musical moments. We’ve personified robotic metronomes, worn Regency hats, doubled as percussionists and developed battle scars from “our time in ‘Nam.” We’ve also been drooled on by enthusiastic toddlers at the Juicebox Series and downed whiskey shots before a performance at the Empty Bottle. In the words of one befuddled rock-venue presenter, we are Chicago Q Ensemble, “which is a Q Ensemble.”

I will always cherish the connections that have been made. Not only with my amazing colleagues in the group itself, but with the many wonderful composers and collaborators we worked with, and the audiences who joined us on the journey. Their warmth, energy and involvement have been such a boon to us.

It is time for me to pursue my passion for research on the connection between sports psychology and music performance, through writing, speaking, and coaching, and also to engage in shorter-term chamber music collaborations. You can stay apprised of my activities at www.fearlessfiddler.com.

Here’s wishing Chicago Q the best continued success with all of their wonderful, groundbreaking endeavors. I look forward to crossing paths in the future with these talented, dedicated musicians who are also extraordinary people.