Goodbye violin, Hello fun stuff

Last night's composition session with Kyle, also known as Composer/Performer Therapy Session 2, was awesome.

Kyle has a great home studio setup in his basement; last night we recorded Kyle's piece WHATWOULDKILL ME, inspired by Zachary Schomburg's poem of the same name. (Zach uses all caps in his titles — I don't mean to yell!) Manual Cinema is going to use the recording as the music for an amazing Kickstarter campaign video.

The music is is totally starting to come together. Now that we've rehearsed, looked at the score, and practiced our parts (see previous panic post about sightreading), the music came through in all of its creepy, atmospheric and colorful glory.

But forget all this string quartet business. Let's talk about the REAL reason that I am excited.

This piece of paper (amplified by a contact microphone) is one of my instruments! During BECAUSE ITCOMESRIGHT AT YOUDOESNOTMEAN IT COMES TO SAVEYOU, Kate and I get to manipulate the paper to create a crackling, Arctic soundscape. Liz and Aimee are stuck with their viola and cello. They seem to be OK with this.

In another amazing development, I get to hold mallets and hit things that I've previously only heard about, such as cymbals, toms, and bass drums. Kate may have won the percussion lottery, however; her setup includes a wood block and some cymbals that Kyle used with a Peking opera troupe in China. (!)

FJORDS will be a feast for the ears and eyes. As long as I can hit two drums at once without laughing, we're in good shape. And Kate will be keep working on the paper crescendo.