Lots going on in Q territories...

We are SO excited to welcome our new cellist, Sara Sitzer! This means, though, that we’re saying a bittersweet goodbye to our founding cellist, Liz Weamer. After several years of successful freelancing and teaching — and working her butt off as a founding member of our group — Liz has begun a new career in physical therapy, and must now part ways from us.

Chicago Q Ensemble wouldn’t be what it is today without Liz’s amazing musical and organizational contributions. She remains a friend and teammate for life!

Happily, Sara and Liz know each other well from their years at UW-Madison. Sara joins us after three years in Miami playing with the New World Symphony; she recently won a seat in the Elgin Symphony and so has joined her husband Richard here in Illinois. She’s an amazing player, a lovely person, and an entrepreneur (she’s the founding artistic director of her very own music festival, the Gesher Festival in St. Louis). We’re so lucky to have her!

Whenever there’s a personnel change in a quartet, a new group is born. So, we’ve been deep in rehearsal for a few weeks now, learning to work and play with a new musician, and preparing for our demanding AMBITION concert. We’ll be experimenting with our concert format in an exciting new way. We hope you can make it to the concert to meet Sara and hear two amazing premieres by Amy Wurtz and Eric Malmquist! Check out our calendar for more information.