On our plate...

Well, our 2 CDs have been released, FJORDS is a thing of the past (or is it?? stay tuned…), and summer is fast approaching. So, what next, you ask? Exciting things, to be sure! We are currently planning and rehearsing for several upcoming events. First, two house concerts, one in the burbs and one right downtown. We’re working on Shostakovich’s fourth quartet, which takes our breath away every time we work on it. It’s not the most biting or cynical of the Shostakovich quartets, but it still definitely has a touch of that Shosty sarcasm. We’re also planning to pull out Amy Wurtz’s first string quartet—we premiered the second quartet at our fall concerts in Ravenswood, but the first one is too good to just slap on a CD and say goodbye to without an official performance. We’re excited for everyone to hear it live. As for the rest of the program….you’ll just have to wait until the concerts—it’s a surprise!! But we guarantee it’ll be a good time. These house concerts will be much more low key than our usual formal performances, and we hope you’ll consider bringing yourself and bringing a dish to our potluck Condo Concert in the West Loop on June 15th! Instead of charging money for tickets, we’re charging delicious hors d’oeuvres that everyone can partake in after we play. Let’s just say we’re pretty pumped about the great party that will ensue after the performance.

After the house concerts, we’re traveling to St. Louis to participate in the Gesher Music Festival of Emerging Artists! This is a festival that I founded last summer, and I’m so excited that the other Q ladies were interested in joining me there this year! Gesher is a festival that explores chamber music through the Jewish perspective. It takes place at the Jewish Community Center of St. Louis, and all the pieces performed are either written by Jewish composers or have some kind of connection to the Jewish experience. For instance, Shostakovich wrote his 4th quartet during the final years of Stalin’s rule when Soviet Jews were being arrested and executed. As a response, Shostakovich included Jewish motifs and folk melodies in the third and fourth movements of the quartet. This is just one of a cluster of pieces he wrote in subtle support of the Jews. At Gesher, we’ll also be performing Golijov’s “How Slow the Wind” for quartet and soprano with Cantor Sharon Nathanson, as well as various other chamber music in collaboration with the other musicians at the festival. If you’re interested in finding out more information about what we’re playing and what the festival is about, check out www.geshermusicfestival.org. Also, if you’d like to support the festival, take a look at our Kickstarter campaign!

We hope you’ll be able to make it to one of our upcoming events this summer. As we rehearse and prepare for all the great stuff we’ve got on our plate, be prepared to hear lots more from us about house concert details and the upcoming sojourn to St. Louie!!