This Roadtrip Powered By: love, generosity & elbow grease

Before we received an invitation to compete at the Savvy Musician in Action conference, we thought we would be taking the month of May pretty much "off." We'd had a fun run of Brahms concerts in the spring, and were looking forward to our different summer projects and festivals. To tell the truth, we were feeling a bit weary, and needed time to recharge our batteries and reflect about where we wanted to go next. 

And then we got the phone call. And we got excited. Our work was being acknowledged by some hardworking, innovative, supportive people, and we had a chance to show our stuff to an interesting and influential audience. And suddenly there was no time for reflection at all -- only ACTION!  To the fabric store! 

To the dressing room! 

To the rehearsal room! 

Yup. The universe had other plans for our little trio. Instead of spending May lounging around sipping margaritas in anticipation of another glorious Chicago summer, we've been working very hard to breathe new life into our beloved old show, THREE-SIDED.

We leave on Sunday, and we are looking forward to the sights we see, people we meet, and lessons we learn on this adventure together. Our road trip would not have been possible without the generosity of the following amazing folks. We're gonna try to do you proud! A hearty, heart-filled THANK YOU to:

  • Carole Keller
  • Cindy Stokdyk
  • Shawn Kelly
  • Deirdre Harrison
  • Elise Blatchford
  • Amanda DeBoer Bartlett
  • John Glew
  • Brett Johnson and Dave McSweeney
  • Carolyn O'Brien
  • Kayleigh Butcher
  • Luke Gullickson 
  • Marilyn Biasiello
  • Samme Forbes Orwig
  • Suzan Morgan Ben-Poorat
  • Caroline Moyer
  • Jean Juarez 
  • Sam Scranton 
  • Patti Garvey
  • Jack Marquardt 
  • Kelly Thomas 
  • Clark Costen 
  • Sophia Arriaga 
  • Feeling generous? Our campaign is still open! 

A special thank-you goes out to my beloved partner, Susan, who is (as we speak) hand-sewing fifty beautiful program books to share with our South Carolina audience. Doing these music-theater hybrid shows always demands special attention to how the music LOOKS -- and nobody is better at this than Susan. 

And extra special hugs to our friend, mentor, and collaborator Deirdre Harrison, who created this piece with us and whose creativity and courage are (we hope) all over this show. She has poured countless hours into our theater practice over the past two years, and her mentorship has changed our ensemble forever. We'll try to bring back the gold for you, D! 

It takes a village and we're grateful for ours! Stay tuned to our social media channels for updates from the road!