"Superb ...  the very model of a contemporary chamber ensemble concert -- one of those evenings where the audience could sit back and relax, knowing they were in extremely capable hands."

                     -- Chicago Classical Review, January 2015

"The vibrant and shrewd artists profiled here are hazarding all kinds of creative and entrepreneurial risks ... For Chicago Q Ensemble, the buzz that [audience] engagement generates has proven addictive, and their adventurousness has grown to define them and set them apart."

                      -- Symphony Magazine, Winter 2015

"Sumptuous ... caressing every corner of the room with lustrous, expertly-balanced tone."

                      -- The Classical Review, October 2014

"The artists have embraced a deep vulnerability and their performance ... was gutsy and intense. Chicago Q Ensemble has created a new concept of musical and dramatic narrative ... and the possibilities appear to be endless."

                      --, June 2014

"Expressive, superbly communicative performances."

                      -- Classical Review, July 2012

"We're enticed ... [the album] will draw in newcomers to the genre.

                      -- TimeOut Chicago, April 2012

"Mesmerizing ... [Q] found both raw energy and serene quiet in the score." 

                      -- Chicago Classical Review, February 2012